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Kapav fer confiance sa ban travay 'fer casse lor internet' ki ena dan lagazet la?

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Khush_Mendossa 23 May 2012

Dans petite annonces mo habitier truv "Make money with internet". Eski kiken ena renseignment lor sa? Paski mo pas envie al telephone sa moi.


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Khush_Mendossa 24 May 2012
Mne get zot ban reponse mne decided mo pas pou essaie telephoner zamais lol. Merci!
moricien 24 May 2012
pas ti pou consey toi telephonE.. zot bez cass dimun sa... 1ta mo ban cam in passe ladan, zot in ggne beZ r sa ban escro ban.. rest loin r zot!!
gices 23 May 2012
Bien la peine dir twa khush, mai ena buku escro partou, alor fer bien atensyon!
Iron_Man 23 May 2012
hahha kapavsa ban zafer travay a domicile par internet sipa design ban websites etc...kifr to pa envi telephoner? to peur? :p
Khush_Mendossa 23 May 2012
tention zot harcel moi :p
Iron_Man 23 May 2012
hahahaha wai 1 l'ammerdement sa... xD