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Doing Business in Mauritius
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Working from home jobs in Mauritius

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Kelly_Adrian 10 Oct 2013

Hi everyone, I wish to work from home (Mauritius) but don't know how to. I've made my searches online but no legal companies, at least not those I came across.

Any information is appreciated, thank you!!


Doing Business in Mauritius

Discover business opportunities and learn how to make money as a Mauritian

Doing Business in Mauritius

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SnobGuy 24 Oct 2013

Get on odesk guys! Loads of opportunities available there.

Kelly_Adrian 25 Oct 2013

Thanks I am going to check it.

kantaya 01 Dec 2014

I too wish to work online. My searches are going nowhere. Even part'time jobs are not available :(

gices 01 Dec 2014

It's not easy but not impossible :)

kantaya 02 Dec 2014

Hope you are right. May be I am not looking at the right places. My qualifications are too general. B.A.honours in English with B.Ed. Knowledge of computer(word, excel, powerpoint) and internet. Medical terms and typing. Worked as office assistant after graduation in 1992 for few months.Then as teacher for several years. 4 years as medical transcriptionist. from 2005 married and settled in Mauritius. Today I turned 44 young. There are hundreds of people out there with similar or better qualifications. I feel very disheartened. Back in India it was so easy to get a job. Get 2 or 3 newspaper-go through situations vacant-post 10/20 applications and one will be sure hit as I never targeted high-paid jobs due to an ailing father. Here I am at loss. Feel myself redundant. Anyhow I appreciate this site of yours and look forward to your growth and popularity.

gices 02 Dec 2014

I sympathise with you, I really do. But you cannot compare India with Mauritius. You are in a different country now so the rules are not the same anymore. Put in the extra effort, determination is what it takes. Life is not easy, we still have to face it though.

Happy Birthday to you :) I hope the wish most precious to you comes true and yes you're still young ;)

sarah_7 22 Oct 2019

it's possible if you market your services at home instead of looking for jobs that offer 'working from home'

naubhu 23 Oct 2013

I guess u r trying to implement teleworking, I have really seen people like that in Mauritius.

In theory, u need just a computer with internet connection to be able to work fr home; still there are not much such companies in Mauritius that will let their workers work at home most of the time

gices 23 Oct 2013

What do you mean by "I have really seen people like that in Mauritius"?

Raakesh-Kumar_Ramawta 20 Oct 2013

There are many sites who offer work at home. But the hic about this is that one does not know which ones are true one and which one are fraud.

Kelly_Adrian 21 Oct 2013

Exactly!! That's the thing I online and difficult to find an online job. Still, I really need a job and online is what I thought is best for me at the mo.

Muzzammil 13 Oct 2013

there's a website prizelive, i used to try it in my teens, it pays but really little lol,
try your luck
its not worth it trust me they pay in usd 0.20 ( i.e cents)

Peaches 14 Oct 2013

What field do you wish to work in?

Kelly_Adrian 20 Oct 2013

I'd like to write articles or teachin' too. Anythin' available but accordin' to my credentials.

gices 21 Oct 2013

@Kelly_Adrian : What subjects are you good at?

Kelly_Adrian 21 Oct 2013

@gices : I'm good in ENGLISH & FRENCH. Writin' articles are my priority cuz that's where I excel most. I've tried journalism but can't seem to find any company here that provides job online opportunities. I'm so desperate. (:-(

gices 22 Oct 2013

Writing articles for websites works differently. People are going to pay you money to write about things which they can make a profit on. For example, a finance company may ask you to write on the top 10 ways to save money. So you need to have a very good knowledge of that industry to deliver a quality article.

Businesses used to pay for low quality articles but not anymore; they want content written by a professional in their field. So what have you got to offer?

kritish1808 14 Nov 2013

Hi my name is kritish. i am looking for part time online jobs like teaching. I excels at mathematics so am looking for opportunities. Thanks in advance

anonymousIRC 06 Nov 2014

you will only receive $5 for writing an article on fiverr

rebeccabeeharry 13 May 2016

hi i am searching too for part time online jobs.

buldawohemant 28 Jun 2014

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