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Hi I was just wondering what is the market rate salary for ACCA students out there who is left with only the optional papers? But with no experience.Lets say if she was to take up employment with one of the BIG 4 firms.How much would be a reasonable salary ?

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gices Level 6

Most people who study ACCA work in parallel to gain the practical accounting experience but since you have none, it's quite difficult to tell as it depends on how much you're able to sell yourself during the interview with a firm.

I know beginners start on the Rs12,000 - 14,000 mark and achieve in excess of Rs70,000 once they become chartered accountants.

A recent post of Finance Officer at the University of Mauritius was offering a maximum of Rs18,000 but the candidate needed to have 4 years relevant experience along with ACCA Level 1. So that should give you an idea...

eloise Level 1

the salary must be around 20,000

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