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This is a friendly and helpful community to discuss business ideas you can implement in Mauritius. We've discussed a range of topics like poultry business, marchand ambulant, stock trading, selling on Facebook and work from home jobs to name a few and look forward to helping other budding entrepreneurs.

Please be patient with your questions as this is run by the goodwill of our contributors who help out in their spare time, so if you're not getting a reply fast, do not panic, we'll eventually get back to you.

We want to make it clear this is not a place for you to advertise your own business but rather to seek advice, help others and discuss new business ideas.

We hope you find this service useful. Good luck!

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Doing Business in Mauritius

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This community is primarily for Mauritians looking to start a business and making money. We share side hustle ideas, go through procedures to set up your own company and discuss work from home jobs. Membership is Rs499 for 30 days access.

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