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Doing Business in Mauritius
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Can i sell items on ebay from Mauritius?

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Muzzammil 11 Nov 2013

Basically, i know the fact that i can't receive money on ebay since i am from mauritius, but going through cleverdodo, i found out that you accept paypal as a mean of payment.So basically, Paypal does not only works for ebay or it works only for independant websites? Thinking of selling my olympus xz-1 since it's the high time to switch to a DSLR :P


Doing Business in Mauritius

Discover business opportunities and learn how to make money as a Mauritian

Doing Business in Mauritius

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NatashaLobine 04 Jun 2014

Hello, What I learnt from Paypal is that they do not have an agreement with the bank of mauritius to debit money in a mauritian account. You can open an account if you have bank account in other countries.

Peaches 11 Nov 2013

I think that you can sell on ebay but any money you receive through paypal cannot be withdrawn, so basically you will have to spend it by buying something that you can use paypal to pay with, I hope that makes sense. Like Gices has suggested why not try and sell it using an ad there are loads of classifieds free to use in Mauritius

Muzzammil 11 Nov 2013

Can you confirm that? if seriously i can do that, that will be great , i don't mind the money being on my paypal because the fact is i am going to use the money only online, confirm that for me please, Can't wait for a DSLR :P

gices 11 Nov 2013

We are able to accept Paypal on the Clever Dodo Shop because we have a UK Paypal account. Mauritian accounts are still unable to receive money.

Why don't you advertise your digital camera on Lexpress/Orange classified or buy/sell groups on Facebook?