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It is a fact, we all need money to be able to get by in life whether it is to enjoy luxuries or for simple health treatment. While some work in enclosed areas in groups to share ideas and make closer contact, others stay at home and work from their PCs. But being your own boss is often the most interesting idea where you are free to work and do everything as you want without having to put up with other people you might not even enjoy working with.

Today, the internet provides a platform to make money online right where you are. Whether you want to work individually or as a company, looking for some side cash or real time big money, the net is where to do it. With the high unemployed rate in Mauritius, this is a good means to earn real cash even if you are not an internet pro or it can add up to your monthly pay check by managing some site. There is a number of ways to get fast money and some of them are listed below.

Selling and buying stuff

Obviously, the easiest way to make money online is to simply sell stuff. It can be almost any material thing that you want, your services (web designing, virtual assistants, software, music, doing surveys, tutorials etc.), buying/selling domains, website flipping where you buy websites, restructure them and then sell them at higher prices, be a retailer where you take orders from customers and send the requests to mother companies or buy wholesale stuff and resell them (eBay).


One of the fastest and easiest ways is by writing articles and reviews for particular websites. The net is where all people now go for information research and this is exactly how it works. Do some background research on a particular topic and get paid instantly for your article. If you do not want to write long articles, you can consider forum posting then. Other sites can pay based on the number of times the page has been reviewed but in either case you can make big time money in this way especially if you a student and want to make some money part time or you can definitely go into it full time. The rate however depends on the administrator of the site and also varies from country to country.


One of the greatest advantages of the internet is that you don’t have to have a degree in IT to be able to understand how it works (of course excluding software and hardware problems). You can learn everything from the internet including how to make your own blog without the need to make/buy your own website and they work just as fine ( or Become a blogger, write just about everything you want (remember though that people are not interested to know what time you had a cup of tea but are more interested in personal experiences, so write what's going to appeal to a wider audience) and make easy money: you have your blog, you only have to set up some adverts (via Google, depends on how you set up the blog, usually some sites automatically add Google AdSense) and you are paid when people click on the links (pay per click [PPC], even when people are not buying the products) found on your website; additionally you can add specific links to your site and get paid since you are referring to them.

Affiliate Marketing

You can get paid on the net when you refer people to specific sites for buying stuff and even in helping them find jobs. Else you can advertise other people’s products (pay per sale, you get paid when people actually buy the products) on your websites and get money for this marketing through simple text/graphics that you can easily add to your site. The good thing about this is that you don't have to manage orders or anything as the company which you're dealing with and advertising their products will take care of that for you.

Topical hubs

So you have a degree and cannot get a job in your field of study. No stress. Through the internet, you can make your own topical hub on the particular subject (you must be an expert by now or you can do more research or willing to learn about something specific) and make real time big money. You provide information about your field of interest, know what people are looking for, create a hub and get paid for your knowledge right at home through sites like and

Photography and Illustration

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, your photos can bring you a lot of money. People are constantly on the lookout for pictures for their websites, brochures etc; you get paid for your hard work or passion and it truly does work. Of course make sure you have appropriate licence in place (usually royalty-free images they will be) and have model permission for publishing. Upload your pictures on websites like by particular keywords, the type of words people are searching for and watch your bank account fatten. So instead of selling your best shot or illustration at Rs5,000, you sell it at a more affordable price of say Rs300 and you're guaranteed to get more sales and money from it for as long as you want to make it available for download.

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@Gices can u help me i dnt understand how to start

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You can now also start an e-commerce in Mauritius and start to accept payment online by selling your products on a website.

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Please guide how cn I start working and making money

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gices Level 6

There are so many things to choose from with different levels of difficulty but it all depends on your interests.

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how to get start?

premilapoonyth Level 1

please give me more details about the job and how to start it

Hajrah Level 1

How to start working?

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how to start it anyone can help me ???

Covilen Level 1

How to apply ?

Rajeellah Level 1

Can you please give me more details on the can I start?

anthonish Level 1

How do you get paid

gices Level 6

Some companies pay through Paypal and others do bank transfer.

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how do u make money writing articles..? who pays you?

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Can you give more details about the work and how to start

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