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Any Mauritian victim of internet scams involving money?

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gices 25 Dec 2014

I was talking to someone the other day and they wanted to buy a PS4 over the internet and were made to send Rs10,000 initially to someone in Nigeria through MoneyGram. Then they were asked Rs5,000 more to cover delivery costs, then another Rs5,000 as the console was apparently held at customs.

Obviously it was a scam but a lot of people fall victims to these and lose a lot of money as well as undergo a lot of stress. I wanted to know how big of an issue this is in Mauritius and to spread the word to stop people falling for these scams.

If you know of any past/current scams, please share with us to make people more aware and help others buy safely online.


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RoseOfUniverse 26 Jan 2016

Well, both my parents got letters saying that they have won the lottery and they need to fill up some form, You need to give some kind of personal information such bank number and so on,usually you saw those only on the internet but this time I was surprised because they were paper-based.My grandpa also got one which was really similar , If he hadn't phone us for more information, he would have already filled up the the form..thanks god