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Doing Business in Mauritius
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What is the fastest and legal way to make money here?

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Khush_Mendossa 03 Apr 2012
Please don't suggest getting a job or robbing a bank lol.


sphinx 06 Apr 2012
There's no fast way to make money legally. Whoever said that to you lied.

To get rich fast, you need to break the law :)
gices 04 Apr 2012
Fastest and legal way, hmm, well you need to come up with a good business idea, something that's going to appeal to the Mauritian people.

If not hard work, then it must be something that's going to sell like crazy. The problem however is people are not going to suggest the next million dollar idea because they'd prefer to do it themselves and become rich. But as far I as know, you need to have a good business idea and then just go for it.
Peaches 07 Apr 2012
I agree with sphinx, there's no fast way! If there was then nearly everyone would be a millionaire. If you have money to invest, property and cars is the best way to go.

I'm still waiting on the lottery ;)
moricien 04 Apr 2012
Like Gices said, a business is the best and usually fastest way of making money! Can suggest you a few business, like that of selling copybooks, shoes, and small gadgets! Go to China, buy these stuffs, sell it in Mauritius, and within two years time, you should be in a very very good financial position!
Khush_Mendossa 04 Apr 2012
Is the IT business working for you? :P
Tourism seems to be the peak of all. But need a lot of capital which I don't have right now.
gices 04 Apr 2012
So far so good, but it's hard work. You cannot expect to be the next Mark Zuckerberg unless you come up with a website that revolutionize the way people use the internet.