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How can i receive money online in Mauritius?

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gices ziya
AK47 10 Jan 2013

I just find out in Mauritius we can't receive money online through paypal. There was someone who needed to pay me online, i know that in MU we cannot withdraw money from paypal, but i thought that i could spend it, but i was wrong, every time that person was trying to pay me he would get a message that " Your recipient is unable to receive money at this time".

I've tried Payza(Alertpay), but same problem.

Now, i am thinking to try Moneybookers but i want to know is it possible to withdraw the money received through Moneybookers in MU.

And if yes, please tell me the procedure ? Or is there any alternative to get paid online and be able to receive the money ??

Thank you.


gices 10 Jan 2013

With MoneyBookers (Skrill), you will be able to withdraw money to your bank in Mauritius. However there are certain fees which are associated with the withdrawal; a currency conversion charge and a withdrawal fee. I enquired about MoneyBookers 2 weeks ago and they said they were not taking applications from Mauritius at the moment. You can try your luck though.

You can check other payment gateways too and Bank Transfer can be done through the internet, so that could be an option for you as well.

AK47 10 Jan 2013

I have already registered an account with Moneybookers and i also tried to verify the account by address verification to lift some restrictions and today i've just received the letter.

So do i have a chance with Moneybookers to receive the money and withdraw it ? I didn't understand what you meant by "they said they were not taking applications from Mauritius at the moment." I already have an account, is that what you meant ??

gices 10 Jan 2013

I enquired about their merchant accounts 2 weeks ago to find out what fees were applicable to Mauritius and here's their reply:

Due to high demand for our services, we cannot currently accept you as a merchant.

But if you've already got an account with them, then good for you, provided it's not a consumer account.

As I said above, you are able to withdraw your money but there are some fees which are applicable. Check their fee structure on their website for more details.

ziya 10 Jan 2013

@gices Can know if money can be transfer from moneybookers account to a visa card.You are saying if someones withdraw money from bank then he would have to pay fees but is it possible to transfer that money to a card?