I want more information about sbm smile!!

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kavishdeathcore Muzzammil
kavishdeathcore 20 Apr 2014

The opening account fees?
How much should I put on the card the first time I opened it?
Can i reload it with how much money I want
On which currency I should put it on,usd or mur? its for buying stuff on ebay..


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Muzzammil 20 Apr 2014

Everything you need to know about sbm smile :

Sbm smile - Not a credit card - It is a prepaid card
Sbm smile - Avilable in multiple currencies including MRU, GBP, USD etc
Opening account fee - Rs 1000

Each time of reload you will pay 1 dollar, 1 usd, .. it depends on your currency, but you are charged 1 dollar each time of reload

Upon activation.. About 230 MRU is debited from the account ,
Im not really remembering but i remember 8 dollars Per first activation i guess.

Sbm smile is available in two types, Mauritian Card and international card.

The mauritius card can be either Preloaded or you can load at your own paths.

If you are getting a mauritian card, Every purchase will be converted to the currency you are paying for upon purchase.

What i mean to say is , You may have any card with any currency and you can use it for any purchase ( different currencies)

Advantage of Mauritian card : If dollar decreases , you are in profit
since conversion will be done upon paying for item

YOu must be 18 years old for getting the SBM smile card

Considering you mentionned ebay, i will suggest a USD card

But as i mentionned, you are more in profit with a MRU card than a usd considering the rate exchange of each day

You have limits per year

I didn't go through SBM website, but you may check it out,

I guess for MRU.. 180 000 MRU per year I guess, Check it im not sure

Reloading depends on you, you may do any amount you want

but as i mentionned

Fees :

1000 RS per card
240 RS/ 8 USD approximately upon activation
1 USD/GBP etc per reloading Fee
So you wd need abt more than 1500 RS for a good shopping

  • Mauritian card is activated same day ( PRELOADED CARD) - withn 3 hours

-Mauritian card which is Reloadable ( One day after) -

  • RELOADABLE MAURITIAN CARD - You may add any amount you want
  • PRELOADED MAURITIAN CARD - available in 5000, 10000, 15000, 25000 i guess.

PRELOADED MAURITIAN CARD - Once over.. Throw away.

Note : The card might not work for the first day. so try your luck for the second day upon paypal

Theere is a phone number on the card - 208 smthing i guess

Call this number after adding your card to paypal to get PAYPAL CODE

  • Ask for a paypal code upon call

  • If bank is close,, press the 1 button to get to the LOST CARD hotline. They will give you a PAYPAL code

PAYPAL AND SBM ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS - Paypal is a service and Sbm is a bank

Ebay and Paypal are the same company


In case of problems ... Dial the hotline of SBM, they might cancel a transaction or block it ( I think)


In case you want other options .. um.. Bank one has a card..

Its called bank one posh card

Benefit from a world of convenience with the Bank One Posh Card, the easy-to-use prepaid card that comes handy for your travel, studies and online transactions while enabling a total control – budget, check and add funds as needed. No currency conversion is required when using the card in designated currency country, and it can be used at ATMs, POS and for online purchases.

Applicable fees and charges- USD Prepaid Cards

Fees and charges
Card Issuance fee $3.50 + VAT
Loading fee 0.5%
Point of sale transaction Free
ATM transaction (Cash Adv Fee) 2% min USD 2.5
Available balance enquiry Free
PIN reissuance USD 2 +VAT
Card replacement fee-damaged/lost/stolen USD 10 +VAT
Statement fee USD 1 per page
Additional Card Fee (same currency) $7 + VAT

Applicable fees and charges- MUR Prepaid Cards

Fees and charges
Card Issuance fee Rs100 + VAT
Loading fee 0.50 % of amount, Min Rs 15
Point of sale transaction Free
ATM transaction (Cash Adv fee)- Non Bank One Enquiry Rs 75
Bank One ATM transaction/ Balance Enquiry Free
PIN Reissuance Rs 50/- +VAT
Card replacement Fee-damaged/lost/stolen Rs 150/- +VAT
Statement request Rs 25 per sheet
Additional Card Fee (same currency) Rs 200 + VAT

THEY have two cards actually

Posh cards and VIsa prepaid card

Try to have a word with them and share it with us :)

mishtee 16 Sep 2015

hey can i know if we get a receipt like a credit card each 3 months showing all the transactions we did???