Is SBM Smile prepaid card a good option to buy online?

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gices 05 Apr 2012
It seems that with the normal Visa debit cards that you get in Mauritius, you cannot make purchases on the Internet as they are rejected. In the UK, as long as a bank card is Visa approved, you can buy online without any problems but I suppose here it's different for some weird reasons (maybe the technology is not up to date.

Instead of applying for a credit card which will look at your salary and whether you'd be able to repay the money when you make an application, the SBM Smile card seems to be a good alternative. It's sort of like a credit card which you can use to buy stuffs online but you'll have to put money on it first before you can use it. So, if you put Rs5000 on the prepaid credit card, you can buy things up to that amount. That sounds good but I've got 2 questions:

1. I've heard that the card expires after 6 months and remaining credit is transferred back to your bank account. Is that true? Do you have to get a new card every 6 months?

2. Can you link it to PayPal? You need an address associated with the credit card to add it to Paypal but the SBM Smile card does not have your address on it. So how does that one work?


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Kha_Lid 21 Aug 2013

Hello, I've been reading all your comments, and seems like you are having trouble using the SBM card.

Yes, the card can be used with paypal. When registering, enter your real name and addresses, and also all details on your card, that is your 16 Digits and your CVC code if necessary. Normally Paypal takes 1.50euro something like that from your account, hence call the number on the back of your card, and ask them SBM customer service for the code.

For those complaining about the amount of money for the fees, there's a policy about these cards, you should read them, before getting one of those.

The new SBM smile card is now valid for around 4 years I think.

Bank One also provides you with a Prepaid Card, which is far way better than the Smile Prepaid. Upon first registration, they give you a card valid for Four years, and also a secure pin for transaction on valid visa websites.


sphinx 06 Apr 2012
Over here in Mauritius, you don't have much choice. If you can't get a proper credit card, then you'll have to get the SBM Smile Card to buy things off the Internet. I'm not sure whether it can be linked to Paypal but you can definitely use it to buy things online.

The good thing about it is that if someone steals your card details, he's only going to be able to spend however much is on the card at that time. So if you only have Rs1000, that's all the money that can be used/stolen.
sarah_7 22 Oct 2019

the card is valid for a few years. I can link to paypal. but i can't withdraw

yashvircaussy 02 Oct 2016

Hello I've a credit card SMB and it has a VISA logo on the card ! How to link wid PayPal I tried but it doesn't work :( or I need to get new SBM Smile

Pls help ?

yonaik 19 Jun 2016

Hello Gices,

can an employee with an sbm prepaid card receive monthly salary ,
from an employer who uses sbm account?


ziya 09 Oct 2012

I just have got the SBM smile card and for me the expiry date is for next year for me.Even in SBM website there is no prepaid card that would expire in just 6 months.You dont need to have an SBM account to get this card and its available in many currencies:MUR,EURO,GBP,AUD&SGD.At the bank they told me how much money do I want to put in it so I just gave 1000 for the card and they excluded the price that I need to pay for the card.It can be reloadable that is when I have used the Rs 1000 I can again add more money to it at any SBM branch.

anonymous_4 25 Jan 2013

one bad thing abt it i was charged 7usd for the card.these people did not inform of this before

phantomblue 22 Apr 2013

Hello,does the SBM prepaid card has those 16 digits printed on?coz I believe to link it to paypal we need to enter them.thank you

Zzammil_Nabybaccus 16 Jul 2012

Im using an international SBM PREPAID CARD
i was using one with MRU it expires in 6 months, this one in 2 - 4 years or smthing :D:D:D:D:D yuaaayaaaayy :D

you can link it to paypal.
with the international card, it can be reloaded whenever yu want
the MRU card, unfortunately, you have to purchase another one, you dnt have to pay for the card, you only have to pay for the amount you are loading upon it that's it:D

it's kinda much cooler:) but you have to reload it when its over. like now my international card lacks 100 rupees to buy an stuff :( so that's its disadvantage, you have to go to the bank and reload reload reload :P

but Sbm smile rocks

anonymous_4 02 Jan 2013

I just got a fresh new SBM card smile but I cannot use it to buy apps on the apps store it seems to declined all the time..
Can anyone help?

Zzammil_Nabybaccus 25 Jan 2013

check your credit amount or try using paypal

AKSHAY1408 24 Jun 2013

what is the shipping address for mauritius???

Muzzammil 24 Jun 2013

use 742CU001 for the zip code
city : N/A
address : your address
street name

AKSHAY1408 25 Jun 2013

thanks you!!!

Raksha_Nunkoo 10 Jul 2012

im not able to link my smile card to paypal
i was able to buy in DH gate
bt on EBAY im unable to buy items
why so?

gices 10 Jul 2012

I believe you cannot use the SBM smile card with PayPal because the card is valid for only 6 months after which you need to get another one from the bank.

In the end, I opted for the MCB MasterCard Primo which I didn't have any problems to link with paypal.

Muzzammil 24 Jun 2013

i used it for ebay/paypal
it worked perfectly

Khush_Mendossa 07 Apr 2012
Regarding the Pay Pal registration, you will have to provide the address which you gave upon application of the Prepaid Card at the bank.

For the 6 months expiry I don't know. (Even someone at the SBM didn't know..lame service).