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Can I open a paypal account with a SBM debit card and receive payments?

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Khev 13 Nov 2013

Hi. I just wanted to know if it is possible to open a paypal account with my SBM debit card and how? And also can i receive payments?


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Muzzammil 13 Nov 2013

Actually the answer is no

Starting with , you must have already known by google that debit cards are actually able to be used on paypal? But the real fact is this method is available in specific countries and not Mauritius. Mauritius debit cards are made in a way that it's not accepted in paypal.

For a card to be accepted by paypal you must used either a credit card offered by any banks including MCB and SBM or you may try the Smile Card or there is another method also, YOu may try at Bank one, this is not known by many people but Bank one actually offers a prepaid card too Bank One Posh Card. If you are don't have a job yet, you are not usually eligible for a CREDIT CARD But lately people reported on Cleverdodo having received a credit card despite not having a Job. Having a credit card might overcharge ou with interest rate including the fact that you can make payment despite you don't have enough money.

Update About SBM SMILE : YOU NEED TO PAY ONE DOLLAR FOR RELOADING FEE USD ( First time usage/ Activation) : 8 Dollars will automatically be cut from the account once you proceeded for the first time activation. Cost of the smile Card : 1000 MRU ( ACCOUNT FEE)

The second thing is You cannot Receive payment in Mauritius, You cannot receive money with the cards i provided you with, you can only receive REFUNDS. i can give you some free tips to make your payment , but this method may cost you abt 900 Mauritian RUPEES per year, About 29.95 $. It is a service called payoneer,it is completely secure, when you sign up, you receive the card by post and you may carry out your shopping online and even sell stuffs, the card will be as if at a US address, The card works in Mauritian ATMS too as per as i heard from my friends, but you pay per transaction about 1 $, SO basically if you want such a card , you may apply at Payoneer sign up page, They will send you the card in like a week or two, you may transfer funds from this account to other paypal account and even debit it from the ATM but you must pay the fees per year. Testimonials says you won't pay for the amount unless you have this much in the account, that means only if you reach 29 dollars or more on the card, you will pay the fund else if you are always below the limit, you would never pay. They might ask you for learner's license number or ID number for identity, input your name , but if you care for your security,Enter a fake one, No one will ever know,this method is called a virtual debit card. It might be of your help.

gices 13 Nov 2013

I could not have said it any better :)

Peaches 14 Nov 2013

Unfortunately for Mauritians you need a credit card to make internet purchases, debit cards do not work here like they do overseas for online purchases.