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Doing Business in Mauritius
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How do I open a paypal account with a SBM smile card?

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ziya 08 Oct 2012


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Zzammil_Nabybaccus 29 Jan 2013

smile card for the win people :P
using my fourth or fifth smile card
smile card is the best option


the first time you recharge it
it cuts about 8 dollars

for everytime you reload it
it cuts 1-2 dollars

its easy to add a card to paypal:D

anonymous_4 06 Jul 2013

You need multiple cards for multiple currencies or only one which supports the use of USD,GBP,Etc..?

Zzammil_Nabybaccus 09 Jul 2013

you can use any for any currency
suppose ou are buying a MRU stuff
i would convert the usd for you to pay the MRU product

gices 08 Oct 2012

Follow the steps to open the paypal account. Once this is done, you will be able to add a bank account to your paypal. Paypal would deposit or withdraw a small amount from your bank and you will need to confirm that amount back into paypal so that they can verify that the bank account you've listed is really yours.

ziya 08 Oct 2012

But I think its not possible to open a paypal account with bank account in mauritius?

moricien 09 Oct 2012

@Ziya it is possible to open a paypal account with a bank account in Mauritius. Just make sure you have your credit card in hand!

gices 09 Oct 2012

@ziya : I wouldn't have answered your question unless I was really sure about what I said. I have a paypal account linked to my MCB card. However a user has confirmed that you can use the SBM Prepaid Card aka SBM Smile with Paypal. See this link.

ziya 09 Oct 2012

@gices I know we can open paypal account with the SBM smile card but I just want to know how to do it and what is the procedure.

gices 09 Oct 2012

Go to and click on the Sign Up link. You then need to click the button that says Open an account for an Individual. Fill in the form with your details and where it says "Link my credit card so I can start shopping right away", just enter the details of the SBM Smile Card. You're done!

ziya 09 Oct 2012

Its asking me to add the card number is it the numbers in the front of the card and its also saying to add 3 numbers,which number is that?

gices 09 Oct 2012

The card number is written at the front of the card where your name is printed. You will get the 3 numbers from the back of the card; it's the last 3 digits on the back. This is referred to as CSC (Card Security Code).

ziya 10 Oct 2012

Thanks gices.One thing, my name is not printed in the card.

gices 10 Oct 2012

That's fine. Your name is not on the card because it's prepaid. Other credit/debit have it though.

kavi 20 Aug 2013

hi, I am having this particular problem. I can't register my smile card to my paypal account. it says that "We're sorry, but that credit card can't be linked to additional PayPal accounts. Please link a different credit card."
What should I do?

it is asking me for a code??? where to get it!!!