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What are some life hacks for reloading on visa prepaid cards?

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sarah_7 29 Oct 2019

For MCB Effective Friday 8th March 2019, all prepaid cardholders must hold a bank account with MCB. The cash loading of prepaid cards should be done through Internet Banking, on our mobile app JuiceByMCB or by debiting your MCB bank account. New loading limits will also apply. Loading limits: 350 000 per day Top up fees: 0.05%

In other words: wait 50-60 Mins standing in queue and buy currency from them

FOR SBM Same System, load on local RS account then transfer to prepaid cards Reloading fees Rs 50 USD 2 GBP 1 EUR 2 SGD 2 AUD 2 RMB 10

In other words: wait 1h30 Mins sitting in queue and buy currency from them


MCB fees 0.5% of loaded/ reloaded amount with

  • Minimum of USD 2/ GBP 1.20/ EUR 1.50/ ZAR 20/MUR 60/ CNY 10

  • Maximum of USD 65/ GBP 40/ EUR 50/ ZAR 700/ MUR 1,950/ CNY 400


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gices 29 Oct 2019

Is the fee not applicable only where the currency is different? If you had a Mauritian Rupee bank account and your prepaid card was in the same currency, are you saying you still need to pay a loading fee?

My understanding is that you would stand in the queue to buy foreign currency only when your accounts are in different currencies, is that not so? But then again, you can just load your prepaid account with whichever currency you want without queuing up if you didn't need to get the best foreign exchange rates, that is, go with the bank's rate.

sarah_7 29 Oct 2019

Hi Gices. I lost almost an hour with them today. I used to put the money straight into the visa card even if the deposit in rupee or currency and even if the card is in rupee or currency. In other words, I used to buy currency at exchange rate shops and deposit then on the card directly. But now it's such a mess.

'' If you had a Mauritian Rupee bank account and your prepaid card was in the same currency, are you saying you still need to pay a loading fee?'' Yes you pay.

I'll explain what happened to me and my friend today. I wanted to put currency into a visa prepaid card same currency.

They told me to put the money in rupees in the debit card then transfer to the prepaid card.

Senario 1: I had to go to the counter, deposit in rupees, go to the customer service, re create an internet banking account, tranfer the rupees into my card which is in currency.

Senario 2: If I had the amount in currency. I'll have to deposit it in my normal debit rupee card ( the bank buys my currency) then transfer from the debit card (in rupees) to the prepaid card (in currency). The bank sells currency to me. See how much money i'll be losing?

Add to this they kept pestering me to use juice but i requested internet banking.

My friend went to SBM. I told her the account she need to deposit is in currency so she can buy currency at exchange rate shops then do a currency deposit on the account. They asked her to change the currency back to mauritian rupee then do a deposit. The account is in currency!

The other day I wanted to put money in my smile card. They told me that I couldn't do this directly. I had to put money in my current account then transfer (MUR 50) to the smile card. And you always pay a loading fee no matter the currency

It's a real mess Gices.

sarah_7 29 Oct 2019

in short you cannot reload your card directly anymore. you need to put it in your normal account and then transfer to your card. You pay the top up fees and the exchange rate of the bank

gices 29 Oct 2019

This is crazy!

You end up paying twice the currency conversion fee. How on earth are they getting away with this? I thought if you had the account and prepaid card in the same currency, you'd be exempted from all fees.

sarah_7 30 Oct 2019

indeed. and they don't mention other options as well. I'll do like you suggested on the paypal question, i'll create an account in currency and i'll pay only the top up fees when transfering to my card. I'll be able to buy currency outside the bank in this way