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Doing Business in Mauritius
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Can anyone tell me of any online job that I can do and some details about that job.

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ziya 11 Dec 2012

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gices 13 Dec 2012

I'm pretty sure you're looking for an online job that'll pay you. As I've said before here, they are only a handful of companies which you can trust. Most adverts about working from home are scams and those which are genuine require a lot amount of time dedicated to it. After putting that effort, you will have to pay a large amount in fees for the offshore company to send your money.

Here's a true story - a friend of mine signed up to a company in the UK to research and write about a topic. It was a profound research and he spent days for just one assignment. If the company thinks your research is too shallow, they won't accept it and you'll have to redo it. Anyway, after 3 successful assignments, she was meant to get around Rs3000. However when the company sent her the money, nearly 1/3 of the amount was deducted in administrative charges and bank transfer fees. So she quit because it was not profitable at all.