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What do (university) students do as work to obtain some pocket money when they are not in class?

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gices sarah_7
LegoGirl 18 Mar 2013


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sarah_7 29 Oct 2019

I do manual jobs during the holidays. Anything that most people would consider low class. I don't expect huge amount and I'm free anytime

Nerdy_Shika 19 Mar 2013

I know a university student who gives private tuition in his spare time. Maybe you could do the same.

gices 18 Mar 2013

As far as I know, in Mauritius, it's very difficult to get a part time job while studying. That's the norm in Europe but not here. So parents, when sending their kids to college/uni, have already prepared themselves financially as they know it will be a full time thing until the studies are over.

I believe the mentality here as well nurtures such attitudes - parents usually tend to ask their children to concentrate only on their studies and not get side tracked with other things like finding a job to help them with pocket money or any other expenses. Kids are not encourage for extra curricular activities.

However, some students who have the right contacts, have managed to get jobs in a shop during weekends or on days they don't have classes but that's rare as you really need to know someone who need someone flexible.