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About Brokerage fees when importing to Mauritius

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Heven 27 Oct 2017

Hello everyone,

I am currently buying a Surface Pro tablet with some accessories online worth
$1908 or ~Rs75000 TOTAL

The items are separated when bought, but will be regrouped together in
same box when coming to Mauritius from United States
item 1. $99.99
item 2. $49.99
item 3. $159.99
tablet $1,599.00

Will I need a broker to get this out of customs when it comes to Mauritius?
If so, what would be the fees?
Could you recommend any broker?
The shipping will be done by DHL, is it wiser to use DHL as broker?
Are dhl brokerage fees known?
Is the brokerage fees on the entire box with all items? or only the tablet?