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Where are government vacancies advertised apart from PSC?

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Khairah gices
Ayeza 01 Mar 2015

I wanted to know where govt vacancy are advertised apart from PSC as it seems to me that not all jobs are advertised in PSC


Khairah 01 Mar 2015

The PSC and the LGSC.
Then you have the semi-paraetatic who advertise on their own website. Saw that the MES posts its vacancies on its website, dunno if that appears on PSC though. Never verified.

gices 01 Mar 2015

Most don't even make it to the newspaper/website because they have already been offered to someone. You would need to have contacts in the right places to know about these jobs.

Some vacancies which are advertised have already been filled in as well but they just try to make you believe you have a chance to get the role - it's for them to cover their backs and make you think there was a fair process behind the selection of the candidate for the post.