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Can a government employee start his own business?

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gices Nasreen_Hosany
sanjay 28 Feb 2013
Hi actually I'm working as a civil servant in the governmental sector. My question is that if I'm still eligible to carry out another small business that is to get registered and have the trade license,etc. Thanks Sanjay


gices 01 Mar 2013

I remember a close friend of mine said he had to name his dad as the directory of "his" company because he's not allowed to have his own business as he's got a job in the public sector. As you can see, there are ways round it but if you want to be completely sure, then your contract of employment should state a clause along those lines. I'd go with the contract you signed when you took up the job if I were you because then you'd have a leg to stand on.

Nasreen_Hosany 12 Apr 2013

If you are asking for Mauritius, then be aware that you can have a business in your name as long as it is not hindering the job that the government allotted to you. You are paid to work for the government. You may have business but registered and pay taxes. For more info contact the civil service.