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Where can I learn Korean and Japanese Languages in Mauritius?

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Yiana_Lochte 18 Nov 2013

Hey guys,

I want to learn to speak and write Korean & Japanese. Is there any teachers in Mauritius? I went online but I still prefer to have a teacher to teach me in person (lot easier). I want to be fluent in those two languages.



Peaches 21 Nov 2013

I'm not too sure about an actual class or teacher but if you have an Ipad I think you may be able to get an app that can teach you. Otherwise try posing in the classifieds section to see if there is someone here in Mauritius who could give you lessons.

Yiana_Lochte 23 Nov 2013

Thanks @Peaches, I know it would have been hate here in Mauritius to find a Korean and Japanese teacher. I so wanna be fluent in those two languages.

Yiana_Lochte 23 Nov 2013

Oops i meant *tough here in Mauritius.

Herisan 05 Feb 2014

Hi everyone
I saw your conversation and I think I can do something for you.I was Japanese teacher before, I`m a Japanese speaker as interpreter,
I am now in Mahebourg, if you are interested mail me on this:

gices 18 Nov 2013

BSP Training School had a "Learn Mandarin in 60 hrs" course a while back. So try to get in touch with them on 292 6160.

Any particular reason why you're choosing those 2 languages over Mandarin?

Yiana_Lochte 19 Nov 2013

I went on BSB Training School website but i saw only ACCA courses. Besides I'm not looking for mandarin. I'm more into Korean & Japanese languages because I love those 2 countries more than china and would love to learn the languages. I'm learning online but it's quite hard without a teacher.

gices 19 Nov 2013

I know it shows only accounting courses on their website but check this flyer and you'll see they indeed advertised for Mandarin.

I didn't suggest that you contact them to do Mandarin but to enquire whether they do Korean or Japanese as well.

PS : Please use the "Reply" button when replying to an existing answer to keep the flow of conversation. Thanks.

Yiana_Lochte 20 Nov 2013

Thanks. I'll try contacting them.

gices 21 Nov 2013

Let us know what you find out :)

Yiana_Lochte 23 Nov 2013

I called but I think the number isn't workin'. I'll try again and see later.

gices 25 Nov 2013

Any updates?

gices 29 Nov 2013

I've had the opportunity to meet the staff from BSP School at the Business Forum event in Ebene and they confirmed they had this Mandarin course 2 years back but are no longer doing it now. They are concentrating on accounting courses these days.