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How to become a lecturer or secondary teacher, what should be my first steps?

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Haydar 04 Nov 2012

If I have a BSC Information Systems degree from the UOM and wishes to be a lecturer or secondary teacher, what should be my first steps?


Khush_Mendossa 04 Nov 2012

To be a lecturer you need to be above BSC and have teaching experience.

So, it's better to start as a secondary teacher.

Get your teacher's license via PSSA. Go there with your documents and you'll receive your license in a month.

Apply via the PSC or go directly to the PSC.

Get your 'Carte Chomeur'.

Apply everywhere where there is a vacancy.

Preferably go to the secondary school you attended and tell them you want to be a teacher as I'm sure they'll serve you better.

Be patient.

gices 04 Nov 2012

@Khush has already said pretty much everything. I'd just like to add that you'll also need a morality certificate, it's actually now called a Certificate of Character. For that you'll need to get down to your local police station to fill in a form.

Haydar 04 Nov 2012

Thank you both Khush and gices. Very clear explanation. I will proceed with the steps carefully. Thanks again.