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Where to get original nunchaku?

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anonymous_4 10 Oct 2013

Can you please let me know where I can buy original nunchakus in Mauritius?


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Hem_Nunkoo 11 Oct 2013

Hi you can buy any model at the Student Book Store (also known as student book shop) Emmanuel Anquetil street Port Louis street Port Louis

gices 11 Oct 2013

@Hem_Nunkoo : Do you happen to know how much they cost? Btw where have you been hiding?

Hem_Nunkoo 12 Oct 2013

They are not that expensive as you think, I bought a beautiful jin sword there made of steel for less than Rs 2000.00!, I haven't ask the price of the nunchuks, but they were beautifully made and practical.

My Dad pass away 4 month ago after going through dialysis and a stroke and Mum has since suffer from serve depression :(

gices 12 Oct 2013

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and I hope your mum recovers soon though. Keep strong.