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Any work from home opportunities for Mauritians?

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Khush_Mendossa 24 Mar 2012

Which companies in Mauritius propose this?


Pinky_Rao 03 Apr 2012
I am graduate in Physics and have work exp of 8 years in non-it ( Instrumentation) field. Have applied at many places but no reply yest.. its been 1 year now. I have learnt from many places that in Mauritius french / creole is must.
Khush_Mendossa 03 Apr 2012
Dear Madam,
It is not a must for you to have french/creole. But english (which you already have) is a must.
Have you consulted the P.S.C? If no then please do so and let them have your contact and the work in which you are interested

What type of post are you looking for? If you tell us more perhaps we can help you.

Did you check at the places you applied if they recognise your degrees?
Are you a citizen of Mauritius?

For the moment, the best I can suggest you is to contact the UTM (Univeristy of Technology of Mauritius) if you see what I mean.
Take care and good luck.
gices 24 Mar 2012

That depends on the job itself. For example, my cousin works as a teacher for an e-learning centre and she can either work from home or come to the office.

Some IT companies will allow you to work from home (friend from Accenture does that from time to time).

So what kind of work are you looking for? Any home based job?

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Khush_Mendossa 24 Mar 2012
Interesting answer. Looking for something in IT...not heavy as I've got studies going on.
gices 26 Mar 2012
For part time home based jobs, there are not many companies in Mauritius to offer these opportunities. I know someone who does some administrative work after uni but she works for a small company (actually a self employed person who needs some clerical stuff done).

You will find more opportunities with companies based outside Mauritius. For example, my cousin did some research work for a company in England and got paid by how much work she did. She had sort of assignments to complete - you get a topic and need to write a report on that subject and you're paid depending on the level of difficulty of the subject and how much you need to write in the report. The only problem is that you need a paypal account to receive the money, otherwise they can do a bank transfer but you'll pay a lot in charges. If that's something you'd like to do, let me know and I'll ask my cousin the company name for you.

For IT jobs however, you can enroll on freelancing websites as that's your best bet if you're looking for something to do alongside your studies.