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Where to buy salwaar dress to sell in Mauritius?

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Nuzhah_FairyDoll 15 May 2014

Hi, I am unemployed since 3 yrs and still in search for a job.. recently i came across many groupes and pages on fb that mostly mauritians are selling salwaar dress.. the same picture in all the groups but the prices varies.. i wanted to know from which site you buy those clothes so that i can open a shop for myself.. please help me.. thank you :)


Muzzammil 18 May 2014 is the best site for bulk buying as suggested by gices, try it else, you ought to try ebaying

gices 15 May 2014

Without seeing the picture of the clothes, I can't say for sure but many people go directly to India to make their purchases as it's much cheaper there.

Some people have already established contacts with suppliers from India who ship their order here.

Others go on sites like where you can purchases in bulk and at wholesale prices.