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Doing Business in Mauritius
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What can you do if your accountant refuse to give you your annual return?

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sarah_7 05 Nov 2019

Qu'avez-vous fait quand votre comptable a refusé de vous remettre votre déclaration annuelle?......


Doing Business in Mauritius

Discover business opportunities and learn how to make money as a Mauritian

Doing Business in Mauritius

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gices 05 Nov 2019

I'm not sure I understand the issue. You're paying the accountant, why would he refuse to do the work he's being paid for? Maybe I'm missing something here, so if you could give more detail, it would help.

sarah_7 05 Nov 2019

you said it well. I paid him. he submitted to the mra late so now i need to pay penalties. but you also need to submit to the registrar of compagnies and he didn't do it. so another penalty. mra won't give me my document. in short it's blackmail.

sarah_7 05 Nov 2019

im not really sure why he does that. he's never at his office. doesn't reply to my mails. always act as if everything is cool. silent treatment. took two days to reply my sms because his message box was full

sarah_7 05 Nov 2019

there was someone else doing my job before. no issues with that person but as soon as i came in it;s like he does this purposely. actually i wanted to stop working with him after his actions caused the bank accounts to froze leaving me without any income for a month!

gices 06 Nov 2019

My goodness me, you're in a bit of a situation, aren't you?

So if I understand correctly, someone else was liaising with him over the accounting stuff before and now you are doing this. He may not like your way of doing things, so he's playing up. Not very professional on his behalf but some people are immature.

Does the company/business belong to you? Actually it does not matter because as far as taxes are concerned, whether you're self-employed or running a company, you have to make sure you send your returns in time. The government will not consider excuses like your accountant fail to submit the returns on time because a lot of people will use this otherwise.

If you think you can work things out with him, then maybe that's something you can consider. Otherwise, get a more reliable accountant. It's not like he's doing this for free and since there are no favours involved, you are free to replace him. Would save you the hassle for next time.

I don't know whether the penalty is a sum you can overlook (if it's not that huge) and just count your losses this time round? Or you can look into taking him to court for the financial losses you have incurred. I would do that if the penalty was a significant sum.

sarah_7 13 Nov 2019

thanks i just work on and off there as i'm a student but i'm valued because i helped them throught difficulties in the past. yes the director has decided to work with someone else. it's not possible to keep working with someone who doesn't have their clients at heart. We started to notice a pattern. Clients or partners who disrespect the company's female staff especially me by insulting me are not the type of people the director wants to work with. The director once went to a client's office and he was cordial but the same client was threatening with me on the phone. The director stopped the deal.

gices 13 Nov 2019

Good to see the director is not money minded but puts more emphasis on his staff. Now that the accountant is gone, you can put this all behind you :)