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Doing Business in Mauritius
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Would you like a website where you can exchange products with other people, either the barter system or for cash?

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rkg 06 Dec 2012

Looking to set up something of that sort. What are your views on a portal where mauritians will post what they want to sell,buy or exchange.? Delivery will be made either to your house or to a main shop?
@gices why is Paypal a problem? would you like to see a mauritian version of paypal?

Thank you for the input


gices 06 Dec 2012

If you truly want to start a business here and make profit, then you need to invest the money into market research. Don't get me wrong but this is a Q&A website for people with real problems and we'd prefer questions that can be answered rather than open discussions (read the FAQ). We sometimes do allow some debates on the website where there is a greater benefit for our community but your question is not a good fit for that I'm afraid.

For the Paypal problem, a simple search on this website or google will reveal the answer which I doubt you've done.

rkg 06 Dec 2012

How is a business question not for the greater benefit of our community? I am asking the opinion of the community to know whether they would like it or not so I could help them and provide that service. I guess I am in the wrong blog.

People are asking for "the price of ps3 and and which western filsm are worth watching". How is that for the benefit of the community as you say? I thought my question was more constructive than this.

Moreover, this blog should clearly state that asking open ended discussions or doing market research is not advisable.

Anyways, Thanks for your input.

rkg 06 Dec 2012

I use paypal and never had a problem, you are the one that said it had a problem, so you should back up your query not tell me to look on google.

Similarly, any question asked here can be searched on google. if you reply the same way to everyone then the blog will not be worth it.

gices 06 Dec 2012

First and foremost, this is a Q&A website, not a forum where you can debate or a blog where there's open discussion. Our blog is found here in case you have missed it in the top menu.

Second, the question about the price of a PS3 is perfectly fine because it can be answered objectively and that's what I stated above; we prefer questions which can be answered not on opinions but on facts. And that's written in a sticky post on the homepage. Did you take the time to read it?

Third, your question is only constructive to yourself because you are going to get financial gain from it. So if you want to get free advice, be nicer to people and try to help other people with their questions and maybe people will help you back.

Fourth, where I see people have not spent much time researching what's already available on the web, I refer them to Google instead of duplicating my efforts.

Fifth, I've already answered the question about Paypal before and backed up my claim as well. If you're too lazy to use the search functionality on the site, then why should I bother?

Please remember that we are a bunch of volunteers who try to help each other out and we don't have all the time in the world to dedicate to this and we're not getting paid for it either. So if you cannot return the favour, at least be thankful that others are pointing you in the right direction.

rkg 06 Dec 2012

ok will keep that in mind for next time. thanks for the heads up.

ziya 06 Dec 2012

A website where people can buy or sell is about to launch in mauritius and but there might be some problems in launching a website like that here.For paypal,the problem is that people in Mauritius cant withdraw their money from it.If you want to know more you must do more research.