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If I am self-employed, can I give my business a name?

Diana_Marie 17 Sep 2015

I was reading the article by gices about how to register as self-employed, but I have a few questions, not answered:

  • Can I give my business a name, if I am self-employed e.g. Pattiserie Marie or do I need to register a company name?

  • What will happen, if I register as self-employed, then my turnover is over Rs2M, can I change to a company easily?

  • Am I allowed to start advertising on facebook to see if there is any interest in my cakes (but take no money), before registering as self employed?

Merci beaucoup! :)

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sosophie 20 Sep 2015

I too want to know.
I want to import and sell.

Diana_Marie 08 Oct 2015

Only Clever Dodo knows the answers!

yonaik 11 Oct 2015

Yes register it, you get a business card

Bob_5 19 Jan 2016