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If self-employed, can I give my business a name?

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Diana_Marie 05 Jun 2017

I was reading the article by gices about how to register as self-employed, but I have a few questions here:

  • Can I give my business a name, if I am self-employed? e.g. Pattiserie Marie or do I need to register a company name?

  • What will happen, if I register as self-employed, then my turnover is over Rs2M, can I change to a company easily?

  • Am I allowed to start advertising on facebook to see if there is any interest in my cakes (but take no money) before registering as self employed?

Merci beaucoup! :)


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Diana_Marie 31 Jul 2017

Thank you gices!

I've noticed that you can make a search for "Businesses other than Companies/Partnerships" on the link below, these are not Ltd companies, but more like small local shops with a Business Name.

So I'm confused, did they all register a company name?

Diana_Marie 08 Mar 2018

Awaiting your reply gices...

gices 06 Jun 2017
  1. If you are self employed, it means you trade under your name as stated on your birth certificate. Pattiserie Marie would be a company name in which case you can set up a one man company.

  2. Sure you can.

  3. Yep. As long as there are no financial gains, you can do that.