Would you bribe to get what you want?

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gices 18 Nov 2013

We all know the level of corruption in Mauritius is very high and people bribe for a lot of things including:

  • getting permits when you don't deserve them
  • having your applications handled sooner than others
  • obtaining driving licences without passing the test
  • avoiding fines and other penalties when you're guilty

The list goes on but what I'd like to know is whether you would bribe if you had the means to or would you just accept life is unfair and put up with it?


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roger_2 27 Nov 2013

To avoid a speeding ticket. Unlike paying for a driving licence, this one wouldn't have dangerous consequences. I'd still be forking out money for driving too fast...

gices 27 Nov 2013

The government has plans to put up more speed cameras to make the most out of offenders because they know the policeman are unreliable. But yes, now that speeding offences gets you points on your licence, many people wouldn't think twice but pay on the spot.

Muzzammil 19 Nov 2013

Bribing is a bad thing that we all know lol.
But sometimes it may help you to get out of s problem or get something you want.Personally, i would never go for bribing unless the person proposes that to me , Because for me, i guess i might take things the way it is unless i get an Under the drawer proposition.
Nowadays bribing exist everywhere starting to the Cueillette de goyave de chines in private places to Getting a driving license.

The fact is that i always wanted to go for bribing concerning driving license but later i came to realise that why spending so much on something for which the money might be in the same help to you if you try to help yourself by learning to drive. But sometimes when you realise the way things are, if you get a chance to do pay a bribe for something which might lead your life to be astray or even destroy something you own, you might want to consider that.One example would be the cutting of points in counterpart, i guess if you get a proposition for a cheap amount of money, it might save your points.

This is how life is becoming nowadays, with the increase of money in our life, people want to pay to get everything and even pay to change things. The fact is that money leads to bribing. If you imagine old times you will actually realise how poor people were and they might never go for bribing to get something which might tarnish their reputation. But nowadays, the case is different, Not everyone wants to make the effort to get something they want. The first chance they receive to pay to get something, they wouldn't look back and go for it.

But my personal opinion is that it depends, in some circumstances you would try that if you get a proposition, in other cases, you would just wanna go about the "let it be" feeling. It all depends on how depth and how far the matter is. If it is something which might lead you in deep legal problems, you won't think of trying something like that.

For license, i always had the feeling of doing that lol

gices 20 Nov 2013

If you obtain your driving licence by other means than passing your test, then not only that put your life at risk but it also makes you a danger for other people.

Driving is not only being able to move the car forward and backward but there are essential skills which you need to know including the Highway Code. If you don't know where you have right of way, then obviously you would keep going when you're supposed to stop and make sure it's safe to go before proceeding.

Similarly, little things like having both hands on the wheel is important to steer the vehicle properly and knowing your stopping distance at different speeds enables you to brake in time.

Driving is a skill for life and I wouldn't advise anyone to get it without being entitled to. There are way too many crazy drivers on the road as it is now...

Peaches 21 Nov 2013

I only would if I absolutely must such, being a foreigner is very hard in this country and paperwork is not so straight forward and easy. If I could save time by bribing then I would, so far though I haven't needed to.

I know many people who have bribed their way to getting their driving licence, not because they couldn't drive but because they kept failing for silly reasons, I personally do not agree with this as it is more dangerous for the drivers. My cousin was very tempted but he passed on his fourth attempt.

shabreenchady 19 Nov 2013

I wouldn't bribe generally but maybe in certain extreme circumstances, I would do so.

gices 19 Nov 2013

And now I'm really curious to know what extreme circumstances would push you to bribe :p