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I really need help. I opened a self employed Business registration number (BRN), my business will be i will be selling my service via a website with both local and international clients. I will be accepting payment via online E-Wallets via Skrill (ex-moneybookers).

Since i opened a BRN in my name, i had to open a bank account number to show my returns to the MRA, but the Bank ask me i need a trade license also a license from ICTA. The trade license will cost me around Rs7,500 that is OK for me.

I called the ICTA office and they told me that to get a commercial license so that i can sell my service via internet while accepting payment online, i need to pay RS50,000 FOR A LICENSE FEE ON A YEARLY BASIS. Rs50,000 is too much for a yearly fees since it will be a small business.

Can you guys advice or suggest me shall i continue or not because maybe later i will need the facilities of loan or leasing from the bank... Thank you.


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gices Level 6

If I remember correctly, you mentioned it was a home based business and you needed just a computer with internet connection to operate. In my opinion, you shouldn't need either the Trade or ICTA licence. Trade licence is when you're going to use your premises as commercial and ICTA licence should be when you're offering services directly to a client eg IT tuition to students / computer repairs / selling products online. So in your case, I don't understand why these licences are needed.

However, this is my opinion about it but when you have a business you need to comply with the laws. So if they ask you to get these licences, then you should, otherwise you'll get into trouble.

Whether or not you should carry on is a decision you need to make. Take things like your expected turnover and your business expenses into consideration and try to see whether it's worthwhile.

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sarah_7 Level 2

Can we get an update?

yonaik Level 1

hey sorry to ask my question in this person's thread but it is somewhat related. so i was wondering if there is need to pay a licence for home based consultancy?

Wondering also what's with the trade icta licence stuff fee.., seeming a lot for starting up. that's like trying to get a lot of your money? duh!

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