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Classified trade for self employed artist - writers, painters, actors?

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lovena13 18 Nov 2019

Do self employed actors need any other type of business lisence to operate?

I know for a fact every self employed person need to be registered and have a business card (BRN).

For my nature of business I chose creative and arts and entertainment, and that nature of business isn’t classified in their “ classified trade”.

I checked with district council in my locality and they said to add another business nature to match the classified trade in order to issue me a trade License. I am not so sure if this is the right thing to do.. because creative and arts is a complete different type of business...!

I want to know from other self employed artist in Mauritius how they operate..? If so they have any licenses or permit..?


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gices 18 Nov 2019

You cannot have every single type of job on the classified trade list, so it's grouped into categories to keep it as short as possible.

Writers, painters and actors can all go under:

  • Business and/or Management Consultancy or Professional Service (including medical and para- medical practitioners and opticians) (Individual)

Think about it, an actor is providing a professional service to the filmmaker, a painter using his professional skills for painting jobs and a writer can either be classified as doing business since she's selling books or using her pro skills in storytelling to author books.

So the trade code you're looking for to apply as a self employed actor is 74141 and the fee is Rs7,000.

Hope that helps.

sarah_7 19 Nov 2019

wow this is expensive. twice the registration fees for compagnies

lovena13 04 Dec 2019

Hello, yes that is the code.. and that what i had to add to my business card in order to get a trade license. Thank you a lot your insight were very helpful.