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Doing Business in Mauritius
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wonderkidarzz 22 Feb 2016

I have 500k in hand...any idea which business I can start with this money?


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BhavishDoobaree 05 Mar 2016

Try the stock exchange by stating with investing 50k and then see how it goes. Be bold and take risks: that's how entrepreneurs are born...

BadFundodo 02 Mar 2016

Give it to me!

I'll make it expand in a few years at a very interesting interest rate of 15%.
Low risk investment. ;)
BTW, This is how you catch a ponzy schemer. High rates are suspicious, never fall for them.
Ponzy is no investment.
New investors to old investor cash distribution.
New investor cash is given to old investors...and so on.

Try investing it in the SEX toy industry..wahahaha No shops in Mru...Jk

Make it grow. Diversify your investments/portfolio. High risk to low risk.

Invest some in:

  • low risk activities. Low interest return but almost certain. The bank for instance. Fixed deposit acc.
  • Medium risk activities.
  • Higher risk activities.

Become a shareholder of a corporation...Buy shares. Invest in the bond/capital market.

Invest in growing/emerging markets.

Invest in your own business.

Identify what people need/ want. Follow the trends.

Inverse relationships.

wawa0000 26 Feb 2016

Go to madagascar and start agriculture. cheap land cheap labour. help yourself by helping local communities through jobs. export your products.