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How do you register a Trademark in Mauritius?

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Bob_5 05 Sep 2015

I would like how and where I should go to register my business trademark.
I already got a trade name and logo for my product but they are not registered. Do you know about the procedures to register a trademark?



nilam-vrt 13 Sep 2015

Hello! You will have to make sure of your trademark/logo is correct. I mean if you are sure about it. I will tell you a bit how it is done here in Mauritius. First, the Government Laws here will also make sure that your mark/logo does not exist anywhere else. They will have to do a database research for it before asking you to fill in an application form. You do actually have to pay a fee of Rs 200 to do this search on their database. After that, they will ask you to fill in the required application form. It is not difficult to fill the form. Also, on the form you will have to draw like a representation of the logo/mark so that after you applied to your mark/logo they approve of it again. Apparently they check everywhere in the World! LOL! But anyways, see, what you actually asked for is where you have to go to register your trademark. The place is found at Port-Louis, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, Industrial Property Office. The building though is actually found at the following: 7th floor, Moorgate House, Sir William Newton Street, Port-Louis. I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please feel free to ask me more questions. Cheers!

Bob_5 13 Sep 2015

Thanks for answer. I got a link where all is explained on trademark in Mauritius.