Anyone know where I can buy a waterproof digital camera?

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gices Muzzammil
dj1971uk 20 Dec 2013

Anyone know where I can buy an underwater camera? Not interested in those disposable ones, but rather a portable digital camera that is waterproof. Am located in Quatre Bornes, but none of the shops I have tried sell them.

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gices 22 Dec 2013

Have you tried Mimosa in Port-Louis? Give them a call on 2081540 to see if they have it before you go there.

I was in Ebene today and went to Mimosa Studio close to Intermart and they have 2 digital cameras which are waterproof. One is small and costs Rs9000 and the other looks like a dSLR and is Rs17,000. Hope that helps.

Muzzammil 27 Dec 2013

i would suggest online, try GOPRO,
go pro website ships to mauritius at a price of 3000 -1500 smthing

dj1971uk 27 Dec 2013

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

I actually ended up buying one at Jumbo supermarket in Vacoas/Phoenix and it only cost 2690 Rs Is the size of an average point and shoot digital camera, uses x2 AAA batteries which come with it and a micro SD card which is not included and takes very decent little photos. Have not used it an awful lot so far, but what photos I have taken I am pleased with and of course extra pleased with the price.

gices 28 Dec 2013

Glad you've got one now :)

What brand is it? And how deep can you take it below water?

dj1971uk 29 Dec 2013

The brand is HP and it is waterproof until 3 metres.