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Where can I buy a replacement charger for my digital camera?

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anonymous_4 22 Oct 2013

Charger for my Nikon D5000 dSLR does not seem to work anymore. Anyone knows where I can buy a new one? thanks


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Peaches 25 Oct 2013

I have found it cheaper to buy from America and get it shipped, all original products too

Muzzammil 22 Oct 2013

If you can wait, then take it from an online shop, guess you will get a better deal but watch out for non original products, but if you can't, Mimosa is the right place for it as suggested by gices or you may want to try your luck at OneOone

gices 22 Oct 2013

Mimosa Studio
2 Rue Remy Ollier
Port Louis
Tel : 2081540

I just made a quick call to them and they said they have it in stock and it costs Rs2525. So I think it's an original Nikon charger.