Where can i buy Amway products and Yves Rocher cosmetics in Mauritius? Better in Quatre Bornes.

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Mariya_Sookun 08 Feb 2013


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anonymous_4 27 Apr 2013

I am looking for Amway products too to buy, they are the best quality cream and lotion.if anyone can help???regarding the Yves Rocher,same experience not good quality for the price!very dissapointed.

Mariya_Sookun 29 Apr 2013

i just came to know that amway is the part of stanhome house(dont remember exact name). but as i see the quality is not so... i bought cream for removing dirty spots from clothes before washing, it helps but not good like amway

sindhe12 18 Jul 2016

I was doing Amway business in uk, but since i was broke and was about to return home i quit.. Nice business concept but you need to work hard to achieve financial freedom. Products expensive but worth it...

pravesh021 10 Jul 2016

hi..if anyone still interested in amway products contact me on [email address removed]

nancyjulia 26 Jan 2015

Hi...I can provide you with Amway products. Please let me know which products your interested.

wailimemsa 29 Apr 2016

Hi. How to get in touch with you please? Thanks

pravesh021 10 Jul 2016

interested in amway products?

shabneez 17 Jan 2014

Colorpearl Ltd have very good quality make up made in USA.
FREE from Animal Testing, Eco- Friendly and uses Natural Mineral Ingredients.
Our products are Mineral based which are free from harsh chemicals. Carefully constructed using the finest and most natural ingredients to give you that catwalk look without damaging your skin. Our Products are Deluxe & also for Professional Make up ( find us on facebook: colorpearl.coltd)

Peaches 18 Jan 2014

Prices look a little steep and why is there no website, all reputable companies have one

Nad 18 Feb 2013

Never heard about Amway , but Yves Rocher has its showroom in Quatre Bornes ,on Victoria Avenue , the road between Bus stand and courts, I think there is some optician showroon also there but not sure.

Peaches 09 Feb 2013

I have never heard of Amway products before and couldn't find anything on them either. As for Yves Rocher its a bit like Avon, you buy from a representative. By doing a quick search I found the official Facebook page for Yves Rocher You can post on the wall asking for a local rep and someone will contact you. Other than that a Facebook search will show you people who are selling Yves Rocher from a Facebook page.

If you have bought from them before then you know what you're buying but I recently bought a face powder from them (first time purchase) for around Rs250 and I was very disappointed with the product and price. Mauritius does not have very good quality make up brands that justify the asking price.