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Where can I buy shares here, and make profits?

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Khush_Mendossa 30 Apr 2012


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Julien_MvM 30 Apr 2012
Think it's always a question of time and time mean money and risk.
Let me explain you my point of view.
There are two strategies making money with shares:
- (1) Short term Scheme (speculation): you can buy and sell the same day and your revenue/loss comes from the difference between purchase and selling prices.
- (2) Long Term scheme: You buy shares to except a high yield of dividend. There we are on the real value of buying a share because you trust a company and they will reward you for it! It's totally difference.

:) Then you can choose whether you're a business man or a business gentleman :)


Khush_Mendossa 30 Apr 2012
Nice answer. But where, and what are the conditions to buy these?
moricien 30 Apr 2012
If you're financially wise, you'll know where its best to buy shares and make profits. But if you're not, then don't get into this, you'll go bankrupt :)
Khush_Mendossa 30 Apr 2012
This is why I asked this question.
Madeleine_Stella 30 Apr 2012
That's a million dollar question, lol.

If people knew which shares to buy to make profits, everybody would be doing it right? And it won't be profitable anymore.

You need to study the markets and understand how it works. There are many risks involved and it's difficult to tell where to invest your money. People are saying the tourism sector is booming, so you might start looking into buying shares in hotels/restaurants or any other things which tourists like.
Khush_Mendossa 30 Apr 2012
Where can I buy those shares?
Julien_MvM 30 Apr 2012
By the way, we still don't know where to purchase those shares? which bank? I may have some strategies for long term, but short term I'm afraid I'm not that much informed about inner situation over top 50 mauritian companies! Is there any place we can learn?
Khush_Mendossa 30 Apr 2012
Can someone explain to me on CleverDodo the whole system of shares in Mauritius?
sarah_7 22 Oct 2019

You need to have a brokage account first. You can check on sem website for a list of available brokage compagnies. Your broker will buy shares for you. You need to do your research because buying shares is your decision

legend 30 Apr 2012
If you want to trade then you need to create an account with a stock broker agency. These brokers are the ones licensed to trade on the stock exchange; they act as the middleman between you and the company in which you want to invest. As such, you as an individual you're not actually allowed to trade on the market.

There are quite a few, and on the top of my head I can recommend you Associated Brokers Ltd, SBM Securities and MCB Stockbrokers. And as for how to make profits, I think those above have rightly answered your question.
Khush_Mendossa 30 Apr 2012
Thank you nice info. Have you bought shares at the places you recommended me? If yes which one was more profitable?