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How long does it take for a parcel to arrive from China?

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anonymous_4 16 Mar 2013

I bought a couple of things from a seller in China and it's already been 20 days since he posted my order but I haven't received anything yet. I'm worried my parcel was lost or the seller cheated me and didn't really ship my stuff.

Do I need to wait longer? Or should I try to get my money back?


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Hem_Nunkoo 21 Mar 2013

Well I ordered some Rc Car parts from China last year it took me about 3 month to come here. I bought them on Aliexpress and due to the free shipping option. Even with a tracking number you are not sure when your product will arrive...

sphinx 17 Mar 2013

China Post is like snail post, so it can take up to 60 days for your package to arrive. That's why a lot of buyers choose to upgrade to a better courier service.

It could be also your package is already in Mauritius but the parcel office has not processed it yet.

Peaches 16 Mar 2013

First of all is it a tracked parcel? Most of them are usually sent by China Post tracked. Second of all what does the seller say in the terms and conditions regarding delivery time. Most sellers from China actually say that you must wait up to 60 days before making a claim.

The quickest I have ever gotten a parcel from China is 20 days the longest about 50 days. Do you also have protection if the item went missing?