Help setting up own bricolage business as handicapped person

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Hello everyone,

I am a handicapped person. I want your help and advice. I don't know where and how to do to start my own business. In fact i want to set up a business of bricolage, create my own and unique invention (I have already done some). But i don't know where and how to advertise it to sell. Should i register myself? Do you think if ever people want me to create their design or furniture, i should be registered so as to give them a receipt or take advance money. Thanking you in advance for replying

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gices Level 6

You'll have to register yourself as self employed - see this link for the steps.

You may also need a permit to use your house for business purposes, so get in touch with the municipality where you live to find out more.

Now regarding advertising, that's a difficult one. I'd advise you to get some business cards printed so you can hand out to people you know.

  • Get friends and family to spread the word about what you do
  • List your business on Clever Dodo Local Business Directory and similar sites
  • Create a Facebook page and use Facebook ads to create awareness of your skills (set a maximum of Rs300 per day and run the campaign for at least 7 days)
  • Get in touch with SMEDA to see what help is available to do
  • Join organisations which are specific to your circumstances; for woman who want to launch in business, there's an organisation (maybe the Women Welfare something) which organises events to promote your products and services. I'm sure there's one for handicapped people as well and that's going to help you get more exposure.

I wish you good luck in setting up for your business and if you need further help, let me know.

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