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Doing Business in Mauritius

Can we buy grocery online in Mauritius?

vanessa 14 Jan 2013

Just like shopping in winner/jumbo/spar.

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gices 14 Jan 2013

We do not currently have this facility on our ecommerce website (Clever Dodo Boutique) but it's something we can look at later on.

The only other website which I know where you can purchase fresh vegetables and fruits online is However delivery is only done to Beau-Bassin, Rose-Hill, Quatre-Bornes and Ebene only. People living in other areas will have to come pick up their order at their shop in Rose-Hill.

sphinx 09 Feb 2013

You can't buy food stuff online yet but most supermarkets will give you free delivery if you spend something like Rs2000 in their stores.

Nisha 01 Mar 2013

Winners offer free delivery for a minimum purchase of Rs 2500.