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Can anyone advice of a cosmetics brand that I can become its representative.

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ziya 23 Dec 2012

Tell of of any cosmetics apart from avon and yves rocher.


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anonymous_4 16 Apr 2013

hi you can do your own business in forever living products. u can contact me

Nerdy_Shika 08 Jan 2013

Frederic M cosmetics. To become representative you'll need to pay Rs800(not very much sure) and you'll receive a kit containing samples of the cosmetic.

Peaches 09 Jan 2013

I have heard of this but the website is terrible so couldn't get more information. I really wish there were branded products in Mauritius like MAC and L'Oreal

Nerdy_Shika 09 Jan 2013
This might be helpful :) You can find a variety of Frederic M cosmetics there.

Peaches 09 Jan 2013

Hmm it doesn't look very professional, they should have a page rather than a group, plus its a little expensive.

Peaches 24 Dec 2012

To be honest its not really worth it. Invest some money and start up your own label or sell a brand that's well known but not by becoming a representative but by becoming a reseller.

ziya 25 Dec 2012

According to you how much money needs to be invested in a new brand and which brands is quite well known in mauritius?

Peaches 27 Dec 2012

You need a lot of money to start up your own brand, not sure how much exactly as Mauritius customs and tax could be a problem. When I say brands I mean brands that are known worldwide but not available in Mauritius such as real MAC cosmetics as an example.