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Doing Business in Mauritius
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How do I get a pre-primary and nursery permit? What should be my first step?

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anonymous_4 11 Nov 2012

I want to open a pre-primary and nursery in Mauritius. However, I am not sure how to proceed with the permit.


Doing Business in Mauritius

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gices 09 Sep 2013

The procedures are as follows:

  1. Get a Certificate of Character (used to be Morality Certificate)
  2. Have the facilities for the nursery (creche) eg playground, nap area etc and get a certificate from the Health & Safety dept.
  3. Follow a course on Early Childhood Care. You can do it privately at ECCEA for a fee or do it for free by contacting the Ministry of Social Security.
  4. Apply for a trade licence from your local municipality.

These are the steps as outlined by SMEDA. Contact them on 233 0500 for more information.

Nad 30 Nov 2012

Start with Companies Division to have your company name registered and get the Business Card.
Then go your local Municipality or District Council [ which ever is applicable ] , whereby you have a make application for the trade licence.
If am not mistaken you need to have some document from Ministry of Security social and Ministry of Education , the latter am not sure, but if it is a nursery the Ministry od Social Security is a must.
Remember Le Nid Ecole Maternelle had some problem and i guess they were not registered overthere.

anonymous_4 30 Jan 2013


When you say local municipality, is it where the businss will be? that is if your office will be based at Quatre Bornes so you have to go to quatre borne municipality? is that what you meant?

Thanks for the help