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i have intention to start a babysitting business, and i want to know what are the bodies and procedure i should contact before starting.

Thank you.

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kvothe0153 Level 1

By babysitting business do you mean acting as a center that entertains requests from clients and employs people to do the babysitting?

Because if you're the only person looking after one child at a time there's no restriction on that as long as you and the parents come to an accord.

If you're planning on taking care of several children then you need to follow the procedures gices pointed out for opening a nursery, which is much more serious.

poojabhangroop Level 1

thank you for the information. you got it right its like opening a nursery, do you have any idea whom should i see for this procedure???

thank you

gices Level 6

If I'm not mistaken, the procedures are the same as for opening a nursery:

  1. Get a Certificate of Character
  2. Have the facilities for the nursery (creche) eg playground, nap area etc and get a certificate from the Health & Safety dept.
  3. Follow a course on Early Childhood Care. You can do it privately at ECCEA for a fee or do it for free by contacting the Ministry of Social Security.
  4. Apply for a trade licence from your local municipality.

You can call SMEDA on 233 0500 for more information.

How many babies are you planning to look after?

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