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Launching an English Pre School

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lne 12 Jun 2014

Hi guys,

I am from the UK and settled here july last year with my kids (8,7,2 and 6 wks my new addition).

I doing a hit of research as in the process of opening my own english pre school near port louis. Would appreciate any advice and or advertising advice too please.

how far will people travel for a good pre school, do most kids take van transport, the demand, my competition etc.

also I suppose if anyone is interested to hear more about me or the school pls call me

leyla 5774 8144

I am a teacher from the uk and hubby a nurse


kendra07 27 Jan 2016

I just came across your post and was wondering if you ever managed to open your English school? I am CELTA qualified with an MA degree. Kindly let me know if we could work together?


gices 12 Jun 2014

Most people in Mauritius talk French to their kids, so that can be a problem if you're going to do this solely in English.

The traffic in Port-Louis is always horrible, so I don't see many people travelling long distances. Even short journeys take a long time, so I think people who live closer to you is a better target.

Competition-wise, there's Little Darlings & LCK in your area which are primarily English schools, I'm not aware of any others.

A lot of primary and pre-primary schools use a local van service for picking up and dropping the kids, so if you have enough demand for transport it's something you can think on.

Things are very different from the UK and procedures (such as acquiring permits) can take a long time and can be really frustrating. So do your research well...