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Doing Business in Mauritius
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How to open a savings account in a UK bank while being in Mauritius?

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Khush_Mendossa 11 Jun 2012

How much interest will I get?


Doing Business in Mauritius

Discover business opportunities and learn how to make money as a Mauritian

Doing Business in Mauritius

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moricien 11 Jun 2012

Gices already replied to your question. btw why would like to opt for this? because of more money coz of interest rates? :p

Khush_Mendossa 11 Jun 2012

Because Mauritius is drowning! :p

moricien 13 Jun 2012

lolzz xD

Madeleine_Stella 13 Jun 2012

You should invest in a boat or submarine then :p

Nikhil_Patel 03 Jul 2012

Hey guys,

so i am moving from New York to Mauritius in September as my company just moved it's HQ there.....I am a British Citizen, but have been living here in the USA for 10yrs now.

Whats a good bank in MRU that i should open an account with?

gices 11 Jun 2012

There are two main things to consider when trying to open a bank account in the UK :

  • proof of your identity
  • proof of address (UK)

Foreigners can open a bank account (eg students) provided they have proof of address (utility bill, tenancy agreement etc)

Source :

Why are you looking to do this btw?

Khush_Mendossa 11 Jun 2012

I'm thinking 'big'. From recent news it appears that our rupee will be totally annihilated even if we resist the African currency.
Also, imagine a natural calamity like a tsunami hitting Mauritius and we lose our homes (god forbid), our savings will have no value in other countries even if we had millions in bank.
So, I'm just taking a precaution.
Thanks for the info.

gices 11 Jun 2012

You can open a foreign currency account in Mauritius. I've got one in GBP with MCB, however they do not give you any interest at all on the savings and you have yearly fee to pay for this type of account. I think SBM offer a better deal though you might want to check with them first.