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Which companies do refill of fire extinguishers?

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sarah_7 07 Dec 2019

Well with my so amazingly fast internet I am searching since an hour. Refill of big Fire extinguishers for buildings


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gices 07 Dec 2019

I was under the impression you cannot refill those because there's an expiry date on them.

Do you have a fire extinguisher at home?

sarah_7 10 Dec 2019

I have 4-5. Big ones. I wanted to buy one for my family but it's way too expensive. My 'house' is not what I can call a safe place

gices 13 Dec 2019

How big is your house? :o Seems to me you live in a palace!

You already have around 5, surely you don't need one in every room, do you now?

I think having one in the kitchen is important as that's where you're most likely to create a fire hazard, well unless of course people smoke in your house.

I'm curious to know what would you consider a safe house to be like?

sarah_7 14 Dec 2019

well my 'palace' is a warehouse. The fire extinguishers are all empty. I wanted to put one fire extinguisher where they put their products. idk the names. A safe house for me is a house where you don't have to hear your bed being wet during rainfall, you get warm water in the bathroom, no fear of electric circuits overheating, no fear of getting electrocuted, walking without risking of getting hit by something because your living area is too small and not feeling very unwell because of the very hot weather which is making your palace a heat box.

gices 14 Dec 2019

Okay, now that you've added more context, it makes more sense why you're looking for so many fire extinguishers.

Seems to me the whole house is a hazard :(

sarah_7 14 Dec 2019

yes those fire extinguishers were taken from my grandpa's factory when it was closed down. I'm known as the danger detector. Right now I'm trying to get rid of many things that we don't use . We do have a garden big enough for 8 large houses. But people stole from us for many years. People can be jealous and mean. Idk if i'll ever be able to have a house one day. I've always wanted to invite friends home. My best friend insisted in bringing me home one night. He is wealthy so I've never been more ashamed

gices 16 Dec 2019

You will be able to own a house one day, you just have to work for it (hard work always pays off).

What if I told you I grew up in a lakaz tol/dibwa and I felt exactly the same when I was a teenager? Everyone else on the street had nice lakaz "beton" and we were the only one out. One time a friend asked me where I lived and I pointed to a neighbour's house out of embarrassment.

My true friends though, they never cared. They liked me for who I was, not for what I had. We showed them hospitality when they came over and they respected that.

If he is your best friend, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

It's not about how much you have Sarah, it's about how much you do with the little you have :)