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Doing Business in Mauritius
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What business can we do with a 7 perch land?

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avinundoo 21 Mar 2015

''Can I make sugar cane cultivation there? How much sugar cane can be obtained from 7 perch? Or can we do other business with the land. If any, please help.''


Doing Business in Mauritius

Discover business opportunities and learn how to make money as a Mauritian

Doing Business in Mauritius

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gices 23 Mar 2015

Here's the acre to perch to toise conversion:

1 acre = 100 perch
1 perch = 11 toise

7 perch = 77 toise (this is what you have)

Of course you can cultivate sugarcane if the land is fertile but the question you need to ask yourself is whether this is going to be profitable which I don't think it will because you don't have enough land. Even planters with 10 acres land want to convert their agricultural land to residential because that's more profitable.

So residential is better for sure and like Khairah said, you can build a house on that land and rent it out. In the long term, that's going to pay off. However you need to consider getting a residential permit as I'm assuming your land is agricultural from what you said.

Depending on location, you can also turn it into a commercial property. Maybe even have the ground floor commercial and upper floors residential. Or build a whole office on the land.

You can also breed chickens/goats/cows or plant vegetables/flowers on the land. Or rent it to someone who would want to do that.

I've seen people turn their land into a dog breeding place too. Careful if you have neighbours as they won't like the noise though.

There are loads of things to do - sit down, have a think about it all and find something you'd be comfortable with :)

aksh 19 Apr 2015

Hey avinundoo,

If I were you, I would rather not go into sugarcane production, because there's not much profit in this. I used to cultivate canes in a piece of land before and let me tell you, that now its not too much profitable. Too much cost and its rather difficult to find workers to harvest sugarcane.

Why don't you grow ginger or other crops instead or even flowers.

Khairah 21 Mar 2015

One good busines nowadays is rental. Make simple rooms with a kitchen, wc, bathroom and rent on long term. Good investment which isn't affected by seasonality like plantation lol

Though, Im more for greenery...

avinundoo 22 Mar 2015

Consider I have built simple rooms with a kitchen, wc, and bathroom. Then will I get people for rent. Do people nowadays still rent house despite the living standard cost in mauritius is high. Is this investment not too risky and may put you in further debt than profits