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Is it appropriate to do business on facebook and does that guarantee success?

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ziya 29 Jan 2013

Anyone can give their personal experience about doing business in facebook?


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sphinx 09 Feb 2013

For a business, sales are important and if Facebook can generate leads for you, then of course it's an appropriate method to use.

However, running a business is all about taking risks and there's no guarantee what's going to work or not. It's all about trial and error.

So try it and if it works, then good for you, otherwise move on!

Peaches 29 Jan 2013

It depends how you mean. A lot of people have groups that they set up and trade from whereas others join groups that have a large member base and try and shift their goods that way.

To be honest it all depends on what your selling, also if you offer good quality goods then they will be back for more, the same goes for service. I find word of mouth works well here so if you have a large circle of friends then they will quickly market your things for you for free :)

Many people fail because they are too greedy, you need to price your goods fairly if your prices are too high then you will lose customers. I know a few people who have traded through groups some fail and some succeed.

Khush_Mendossa 29 Jan 2013

I know RD Sarees is having success through facebook. If you sell things people want, then success is guaranteed.