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Hi All...

Recently I have noticed a new trend among facebook users whereby many people have started the business of selling jewelries on their FB pages here in Mauritius. I myself have bought a few from them.

My question is: If someone has such a business, does the MRA charge the person? Does the person have to register with the authorities (MRA and for permits)?

Many thanks for your answer


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gices Level 6

When someone is employed by a company, his salary is deposited in a bank account and at the end of the financial year, he can use his bank statement as proof of earnings and from this, MRA can tax accordingly.

For those who earn money cash in hand, they should keep a record of the income they are receiving for tax purposes. It is an offence to hide your income from the government and you could be sued for that.

So, you will need to disclose any money you're making to MRA so that the right amount of tax can be deducted. There are 2 ways to do that, either registering as self employed or setting up a company.

There is more information here.

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Minashou Level 1

Thanks for your answer gices.... yet another question: someone is already employed in a company. Can he/she register for self employed?

Minashou Level 1

maybe that would sound as a stupid question?

gices Level 6

Yep, you can register as self employed even if you are already employed in a company.

I've noticed this trend on FB too. It's a good way to get people to know about your business but I think you need to have a professional website as well. This gives more credibility to your business.

As gices has said, you need to declare any additional income you're getting to MRA for tax purposes.

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