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is it true that there is no minimum salary for obtaining a work permit

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jemimi 01 Feb 2013

hello everyone..i have received an answer from the government of Mauritius about the work permit..i asked them what is the minimum salary for getting a work permit and they said it

There is no minimum salary for obtaining a Work Permit, subject to the salary being being with the prescibed minimum wage, and theoccupation being in a sector where there is scarcity in Mauritius.

A foreigner must in the first instance have an offer of employment and a contract from a local company. The company should apply for the relevant Work and Residence Permits with appropriate authorities.

Yours faithfully
what doest it means?but i saw on the government portal that the minimum salary should be rs45,000 montly
please help im confuse

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Peaches 01 Feb 2013

Reply back with the link from the Government portal. Unfortunately in Mauritius you always get conflicting information. Unfortunately that's all I can advise.